Sheba - Orange Blossom

An aromatic wine that goes well with all the good spicy stuff.

The production of this wine starts with local California orange blossom honey that has light citrus notes. During the fermentation process, we introduce the bark of gesho, a species of buckthorn, for a short period of time. A gorgeous golden color, this luxurious wine will remind you of the aromas of a garden in full bloom. 

When: With spicy food - Asian, Indian, Barbecue, Mexican and Ethiopian!
How: Chilled
Honey: Orange Blossom
Smells Like: Orange Blossoms, citrus, herbs, jasmine, pineapple, stone fruit
Alc. by Vol.: 12.5%

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Sheba - Clover

Big and bold, rich and spicy.

Crafted as a celebration of life, honey wine or Tej, as it is known in Ethiopia is mankind’s oldest fermented beverage. This honey wine presents the ephemeral essence of nectar collected from California’s clover flowers. Gesho, a native Ethiopian plant is added as a flavoring agent. A medium bodied wine, it boasts flavors of ripe pineapple and passion fruit with hints of aromatic herbs and finishes with a lingering tart sweetness.

When: Pairs well with spicy meats and appetizers
How: Chilled
Honey: Clover
Smells Like: Ripe pineapple, passion fruit, aromatic herbs
Alc. By Vol.: 12.50%

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Big Tree - Wildflower

Crafted as a celebration of life, honey wine or Tej, as it is known in Ethiopia is humankind's oldest fermented beverage. This wine is made from the ever changing floral sources that are in season. Gesho, a native Ethiopian plant, adds to the wine's unique flavor. This medium bodied wine showcases a delicate floral honey character with a lingering herbal note. Pairs well with cheese, poultry, and spicy food.

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