December 2015 - AHOPE FOR CHILDREN


Children in Ethiopia are profoundly affected by HIV/AIDS. In 2009, nearly 73,000 children under age 15 were living with HIV. Ethiopia also has one of the largest populations of orphans in the world - 13% of children throughout the country are missing one or both parents. This represents an estimated 4.6 million children - more than 800,000 of whom were orphaned by HIV/AIDS.


All the children who come to AHOPE are HIV+. Many have watched one or more parent die from AIDS, and often they have been abandoned with no extended family member willing or able to take care of them. The first pediatric program to provide lifesaving antiretroviral medication in Ethiopia was established by AHOPE. AHOPE children are going to school, learning to manage their disease, and the older ones are now preparing for a life outside of AHOPE.

AHOPE has 5 program's that take care of these children at different ages:

AHOPE's children home provides a nurturing and loving home for these children. Currently there are 95 children in two children's home.

Little AHOPE provides a home for infants and toddlers.They are taught basic skills to ready them for school. Children of kindergarten and early elementary school age attend Worldwide Orphans Academy.

The Family Group home is home is for children between the ages for 11 and 14. There are two Family Group Homes in which 10 children live. This home environment encourages fun and friendship. The kids are able to visit friends after school and on weekends or have friends come to the house.

The Youth Transition home works with teens who are transitioning to become successful adults. AHOPE currently has 31 youngsters between the ages of 14 and 22, living in 3 Youth Transition Homes.

The Independent Living Program is for young adults who live by themselves but receive support including rent and counseling.