10 Fun Facts about Queen Sheba Winery

1. All of us love drinking our honey wine. You knew that one, right!


  2. The geek in our winemaker, Dr. G, led him to design the hexagonal (bee comb) pattern on our label.

Umm actually

  3. When at the winery, all of us have to wear our lab coats and gloves - even us marketers!


 4. We hate mixing! Umm… meaning we use only single source honey for our wines, giving them a richer taste.


 5. We are all UC Davis alums! Go Aggies!

Go Aggies

6. Someone forgot to buy trash cans, so we run a zero waste winery.

Breaking Bad

7. Our wines are naturally preserved, hence no Sulfur. Hooray!


8. We have a loft at our Winery... for those who like to sleep high.

breaking bad high

9. Our hops-like ingredient, gesho, is also used as an African magical charm to keep evil away!


10. We will soon be expanding to another country. One step closer to world domination!


GIF credits go to http://giphy.com/