Queen Sheba - The legend

Legend tells us that when the Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon, she went bearing gifts of Tej, her honey wine.

TEJ - The Honey Wine

Tej (pronounced as Tedge - rhyming with hedge) is Ethiopia's national drink. It is said that Tej might possibly be the world's first alcoholic beverage.
While we can't vouch for that, we know that it's definitely one of the world's yummiest drinks!


We started Queen Sheba Winery in 2011, to bring authentic Ethiopian style honey wine to America. We make our wine near Napa Valley and draw our technology from California's great wine industry as well as University of California, Davis' expertise in wine and honey.

The BEST Honey

honey small.jpg

We source California's finest orange blossom and clover honey from local beekeepers. Top notch honey results in a fine wine.
Our wines are single source - meaning that only one type of honey is used in a bottle of wine. 

THe PRocess

The best California honey is fermented with gesho, an Ethiopian species of buckthorn. This brings a delightful aromatic and herbal note to the wine.
We make small batch sizes and pay constant attention to detail. An interesting fact is that our winery is a zero waste facility and all our suppliers are within a 100 mile radius.


  Eggheads at University of California, Davis

Eggheads at University of California, Davis

Our winemaker and founder is an Ethiopian scientist. All the people who work at the winery, went to University of California, Davis.